Internships for Master’s students in Ireland

Looking for internships in Ireland as a Master's student? This comprehensive guide offers tips, eligibility requirements, and available options for finding internships in Ireland.

Internships for Master’s students in Ireland
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Ireland is the technological capital of Europe. This country has emerged to be one of the popular destinations for international students to pursue their higher education.
As a master’s student studying in Ireland, you will find plenty of opportunities to pursue internship in Ireland, that will help you get the work experience you need. There are several job prospects in large cities like Limerick, Cork, Galway, Waterford and Dublin. If you happen to be based in or around these urban centres, you have a higher chance of finding valuable work experience at leading international firms.
For international students looking for information about studying in Ireland, the link below provides a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about pursuing your studies in Ireland.

Can an international student do an internship in Ireland?

Yes, international students pursuing full-time degree programs under a university recognized by the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland are eligible to apply for internships. Please note that to apply for an internship, your course duration must be of minimum one year. Students wishing to do an internship as part of their degree program need to follow a certain set of rules:
  • The total time duration you spend on the internship should not exceed more than 50% of the full duration of your degree program. If your degree is for 24 months, you cannot do a 14-month-long internship.
  • Once you secure the internship which you applied for, your university must confirm that the internship is relevant to your degree program.
  • As part of the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme, international students planning to do an internship after graduate studies can stay back in the country. The Third Level Graduate Scheme allows international students from the non-EU states to remain in Ireland for up to 24 months after graduation for employment-related purposes.

Tips for successfully finding an internship in Ireland

Whichever your field of work is, make sure that you have some experience before you hunt for an internship in Ireland. This can be work/internship experience in your home country or voluntary work experience in Ireland. Here are some things that you have to remember as an international student before getting started with your internship process:
  • Create an impressive CV. Your CV makes the foremost important impression on the recruiter. It is the only direct way to communicate with a prospective employer before getting hired.
  • Create a professional profile on LinkedIn to make yourself visible to potential employers and organizations that you apply to. Add recommendations from previous employers, colleagues and your university professors if possible.
  • Check for application deadlines, so you do not miss out on good opportunities. Most large companies have fixed periods for recruiting graduate students into internship and traineeship programs at their offices.
  • All non-EU international students should hold valid student visas in order to be eligible to apply for internship programs in Ireland. You need to keep track of your visa validity and visa expiration dates to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

What is the minimum pay for an internship?

Payment/stipend for the internship depends on whether you have chosen paid or unpaid internship. If you get a paid internship, you will receive a minimum allowance of €50/ week. The Irish Government stipulates this minimum wage amount, and it applies to any job sector.

What are the available options?

The purpose of any internship is to bridge the gap between your graduate degree and a full-time job. You can either apply for these internships during your graduate course or after completion of your degree. There is always a higher chance for an international student to be hired as an intern than as a permanent employee. As with the interns, companies get the added benefit of working with well-qualified individuals at a comparatively lower price.

1. University Career Service

Before you choose another platform to search for internships, contact your university’s career service for a list of available internship opportunities. You can book an appointment with them to check out the internship offers, placement training programmes or for any job or internship-related queries. In case you are confused about which field to choose for your internship, you can always take an online psychometric test to help you make the right decision.

2. Summer Internships

Graduates who are free during summer vacations and want to gain some work experience can apply for summer internships offered by organizations in Ireland. Generally, a summer internship in Ireland ranges anywhere between 8-24 weeks. Some companies that provide summer internships include global giants like Microsoft, Intel and PepsiCo.

3. Online Sources

You can also search for internship openings online. You can either choose to apply for internships through online job websites such as Indeed and LinkedIn or directly apply for internships on company websites. This will help you keep track of the status of your application directly, without having to wait for any external sources.

4. Job Bridge

In the year 2011, the Government of Ireland introduced a national internship scheme called Job Bridge. It is one of the most popular internship programmes for graduate students in Ireland. The Scheme provides internship opportunities in Government and private companies for a duration of 6-9 months.
Eligibility for an applicant on Job Bridge:
  • Applicants should be unemployed under Jobseekers Allowance (JA), Jobseekers Benefit (JB) or Disability Allowance (DA).
  • You should have the necessary Social Insurance Contribution Credits before you register on Job Bridge.
Steps for getting an internship through Job Bridge:
  • Interested candidates need to search both online and offline sources for internship advertisements.
  • Applicants should then contact their Employment Services office and submit a shortlist of internships.
  • Make sure that you fulfil the minimum criteria for eligibility before applying for an internship on Job Bridge or directly to the organization.
  • If you get selected, the host organization will offer you an eligibility form called (UP51C).
  • This UP51C form needs to be filled by the Social Welfare Office to confirm your eligibility.
  • The Social Welfare Office will then return it to Job Bridge for the final processing of your internship application.
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Additional information :
The total time spent by a student on the internship scheme should not exceed 18 months, with a nine-month limit per internship. A candidate can only be allowed to do one internship per company.


Finding a permanent job in Ireland without any work experience can be extremely difficult, especially for international students studying in Ireland. Therefore, it is essential to do an internship during your graduation to gain practical knowledge and expertise. One organization that can help you with this process is Job Bridge which provides internship opportunities for students studying in Ireland. This article provides the necessary information related to internships in Ireland for Master’s students. However, your chances of getting an internship may vary depending on your skillset, employer or organizational requirements. Hence, you need to enhance your knowledge and skills as much as possible and start your application process months before you intend to begin the internship.

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