Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in Ireland.

Thinking of studying in Ireland? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing your education in this country, including access to world-class education, low cost of education and living, and ample job opportunities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in Ireland.
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Apr 26, 2023 01:40 AM
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With top destinations for education like the US and UK becoming expensive, students from around the globe are looking for alternatives to gain overseas education and pursue a career abroad. Ireland is recognized by many as the next major hub for student education because of its versatile nature. If you are thinking of choosing Ireland for your higher studies, take a look at the various advantages and disadvantages of studying in Ireland, outlined below.
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Advantages of Studying in Ireland

1. Access to World-Class Education

Irish universities offer many graduation and post-graduation programs with world-class infrastructure and amenities for education. The teaching faculties are very welcoming and have expertise in various topics. Moreover, the Irish education system has a well-structured curriculum that is designed to meet the demands of various industries. Studying in Ireland will give you an opportunity to learn from highly skilled academic pro in state-of-the-art facilities, giving you the global exposure you need.

2. Option to take up Part-Time Jobs

Universities in Ireland usually encourage their students to work part-time to meet their basic expenses. When studying in Ireland, courses are often flexible and structured in a manner that you get time to study as well as work. Flexible timings of the course allow you to set a schedule for part-time jobs. Additionally, if you are a promising student, you can also find internships that pay out stipends

3. Low Cost of Education and Living

The cost of education is quite low in Ireland, as the state funds most of the universities. Though the tuition fee varies with the course and the university that you choose to study in, the amount is comparatively small when compared to other nations. For example, the cost of studying at Maynooth University is around 7,000 Euros, which is cheaper than many other institutions in Europe.  Apart from the cost of studying in Ireland, the average cost of living is also quite affordable. The yearly average rent comes around 4,000 Euros.

4. No Language Barriers

Ireland is an English speaking country, which means that it is easier for international students studying in Ireland to adapt to the language, as they have already met the basic English requirements before being admitted to an Irish university. Knowing English also enables you to get to communicate with locals easily and learn about their lives and reduces cultural shock due to language barrier.

5. Ample Job Opportunities

Ireland provides its students with a post-work visa, which allows them to look for work inside the nation for a substantial amount of time. Moreover, since Ireland is part of the European Union, you also get the opportunity to work in other nations that are a part of the EU. As these countries have shortage of highly skilled workforce, there is a high demand for students passing out of Irish universities.

6. Exposure to Cultural Diversity

A graduate or post-graduate degree from a country like Ireland carries a lot of weight and is recognized by all major industries around the world due to the aspect of cross-cultural learning. Students from Ireland are also high in demand, as they are production-ready and well-equipped to face real-time industrial problems.

7. Getting Around Ireland- Affordable Transportation Options

Commuting in Ireland is relatively convenient for international students given Ireland’s extensive public transport systems. This is an important point to consider as you would be living on your own and having options to move around easily in a foreign country will be certainly helpful. Students also get generous discounts to use the public transports which can be claimed through student travel cards. Affordable and well-connected transport systems are advantageous for international students studying in Ireland.
This article will give you the complete details on different transportation options for international students.

Disadvantages of Studying in Ireland

1. Gloomy weather can be depressing

Ireland experiences a constant change in weather throughout the year, and is pretty gloomy as it is dark and rainy most of the time. Students from warmer countries might find it challenging to get accustomed to the Irish weather. It is a good idea to prepare yourself mentally before you arrive in Ireland. Doing so will also help you pack the right clothes according to the changing seasons.

2. Irish dialect can be hard to grasp

Ireland is a land of various accents, and the Irish never fail to amaze foreigners with their different accents, ranging from a south-western Irish accent to the east coast Irish English. While international students from both English and non-English speaking countries may find it a bit difficult to understand the dialect, mostly students from non-English speaking countries will find it quite challenging. However, as the days go by, you will be able to follow them sooner or later.

3. Accommodation can be hard to find

Although the cost of living in Ireland is quite affordable, some places like Dublin might be expensive, if you want an independent place to live on your own. Universities offer various kinds of residents like hostels, dormitories, but most of them are challenging to get as they are limited in number and get occupied quickly. However, you need to book this accommodation on time before they all get booked. Every university has one of them available, so it advised you to meet him first if you fail to book any of the places in hostels.

4. Bad traffic during rush-hour

Rush-hour is the time when every person studying in Ireland is out to the destinations. It is the time of the day when you will find tremendous traffic on the road, and you will feel like you are on a standstill if you are traveling by road to your university. In case you are someone who leaves for your classes at the last minute, then be ready to be stuck in this traffic for hours.


Though there are both advantages and disadvantages of studying in Ireland, it is still one of the best places for higher education in the world, renowned across the globe for its academic excellence. The country has a longstanding reputation for high-quality education, is built on a strong commitment to perfection, is known for its world-class amenities to work with and affordable tuition fees. Thus, it is crucial to weigh the various pros and cons of pursuing education in Ireland. However, it may take some adjustments on your part to get used to this environment of education. A strong desire to excel can surely help you overcome any such obstacle in your way while studying in Ireland.

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